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J4F = Just4Fun. What is Just4Fun about?

It's really hard for me to explain what J4F is truly about. But I can tell you that I created it for its face value, Just4Fun!

Initially Just4Fun was created to bring my friends who were import and mini trucking enthusiasts together. Just4Fun grew quickly.  Our members and people who discovered J4F  loved what Just4fun stood for. 

Today it is still very similar, but this time its not limited to just a specific idea, sport or hobby.

Hence, "Just4Fun Unlimited". I added "Unlimited" to show exactly that, no limits. Enjoying everything you do for fun as an amateur, a hobbyist or as an expert without limitations or expectations.

It's about bringing people together to discover, learn and respect all things that people do J4F.

It will always be "Just4Fun!" 


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